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TASA Invites International Partners for Satellite Rideshare on FORMOSAT-9A

  Opportunity Overview TASA seeks to integrate an International Science Payload (SP/L) provided by our selected international partner(s) into the FORMOSAT-9A mission. The deadline for the SP/L flight model submission is July 2026. The selected partners will be responsible for providing the Science Payload (SP/L) to TASA's site. TASA will then oversee satellite-level testing, integration, and the launch process. After the SP/L is chosen, the operational interfaces following the launch will be discussed in more detail. Furthermore, it is essential for the selected international partner(s) to collaborate with registered Taiwanese organization(s), encompassing both public and private sectors. These partnerships are vital for the effective use and dissemination of data, imagery, value-added applications, published research, joint studies, and the commercialization of services and solutions derived from the SP/L. How to Participate Entities interested in this unparalleled opportunity for international cooperation are invited to contact Ms. Wang at leiwang@tasa.org.tw to request the “FORMOSAT-9A International Science Payload Statement of Work (SOW)” and the “FORMOSAT-9A Spacecraft Bus to Science Payload Interface Requirement Document (IRD).” Eligible entities include government bodies, agencies, academic institutions, and research organizations. Proposals should be crafted in accordance with the “Cooperation Survey” (Section 3) and “Payload Survey” (Section 4) guidelines provided. Submission Deadline Please submit your detailed proposal to leiwang@tasa.org.tw no later than June 28, 2024. TASA will thoroughly evaluate all submissions within a month and reach out to the selected partner(s) to proceed with the collaboration. This initiative represents a significant step towards global cooperation in space exploration and utilization. By joining hands with TASA on the FORMOSAT-9A mission, partners will not only contribute to the wealth of global scientific knowledge but also play a crucial role in shaping the future of international space endeavors. For more detailed information and to embark on this exciting journey with us, please get in touch with the contacts provided above. Attachment file