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Expanding Open Data Cube (ODC) Applications in Asia-Pacific Region

APRSAF-28 Side Event:
Expanding Open Data Cube (ODC) Applications in Asia-Pacific Region

2022-11-22 ~ 2022-11-22
Date: November 22 (Tuesday) 2022, 1PM- 5PM (UTC+7)
Organizer: NSPO (National Space Organization)
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Event Description:

The first Open Data Cube-related side event, entitled “Building Resilience Using Open Data Cube (ODC) in Post-COVID Era, was held on APRSAF-27. This year, NSPO continues the successful achievement by 2021. The major objective is not only to promote the ODC in the Asia-Pacific, but also to illustrate and share more practical case studies and handful technologies in Earth observation activities. All APRSAF members are invited to share the ODC developments, resources, and its applications and experiences. In addition, international coordination and contribution to open data cube development are presumed and expected in the Asia-Pacific regions.

The topics to be discussed at the side event will include: (1) Open Data Cube development and its capabilities, (2) Open Data Cube substantially supports the social needs of the Asia-Pacific region, and (3) International Collaboration in global earth observation and Open Data Cube applications.

A well-organized training course will be delivered. The course covers the handful technologies in the cloud computing platform and practical case study: Paddy rice recognition using satellite images and AI model. In this course a cloud based open data cube operation environment under Jupyter will be provided for the practice of the sample code.

More information can be found by: https://www.tasa.org.tw/activity/TWC/en/index.html

Time(UTC+7) Topic Speaker
13:00~13:10 Greetings and Opening Remarks NSPO
13:10~13:20 Welcome Message from NSPO Ms. Vicky Chu, Deputy Director General, NSPO
Group photo
13:20~13:50 CEOS Analysis Ready Data (CEOS-ARD) Mr. Matthew Steventon/Secretariat of the CEOS Land Surface Imaging Virtual Constellation (LSI-VC) and the CEOS Analysis Ready Data Oversight Group
13:50~14:10 GISTDA Data Cube Dr. Panu Srestasathiern/ Engineer (Professional Level), Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA Thailand)
14:10~14:30 Open Data Cube substantially support the social needs of Vietnam Dr. Vu Ahn Tuan/ Deputy Director General, Vietnam National Space Center (VNSC), Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology(VAST)
14:30~14:50 Multi-Crop Detection:
Toward Thailand's Cropland Mapping
Dr. Noppadon Khiripet / Researcher, National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA, Thailand)
14:50~16:50 Training Course – Case study: Paddy rice recognition using satellite images and AI model
- Paddy rice recognition by optical images
- Paddy rice recognition by radar images
- Paddy rice recognition by the integration of optical and radar images
Dr. Li-Yu Chang / Senior Engineer, Satellite Data Processing Division, NSPO
Ms. Yi-Yun Hsu / Research Assistant, Satellite Data Processing Division, NSPO
16:50~17:00 Conclusion NSPO

Contact Person: Jill Chou (jillchou@tasa.org.tw)